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August Home & Wealth Newsletter


7 things to consider when renting a storage unit

When selling your home, a storage unit works well to store what you’re removing for staging. It can also hold furniture during major renovations or repairs. Just remember…

A storage unit isn’t for postponing decisions. If Aunt Millie passes on, decide if you’ll ever use the furniture she left you. If not, sell it. Now.
Set a time limit. Know when you’re going to take your stuff back. Otherwise you’ll spend money keeping things you don’t need.
Consider location. If frequent access isn’t important, use cheaper facilities farther away. If you need regular access, stay close and note hours and holiday closings.
Visit facilities. Check cleanliness, service level, climate control, security.
Measure up. Size items and store wisely—remove table legs, stack cartons, put sofas on end. Don’t pay for more than you need.
Know costs. Read the contract for minimum lease lengths, exact fees and if they’ll increase. Do you buy insurance, or are items covered by your policy?
Explore options. Some firms bring everything to storage for you—just pack their bins or “pods.” Access can be limited and you need space for them on your property.

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